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“I have had a persistent neck pain all my life. I’ve gone to countless physicians of different specialties. All they did was prescribing me one medication to another. They even prescribed Tegretol for me which I found out was a drug to treat seizures. It made me all messed up for months. I’ve also seen other dentists but no one ever said anything. After decades of neck pain I just learned to live with it. When Dr. Tran found out that I might be having TMD he examined me thoroughly. He said I just need to have the bite changed slightly. I had my doubts about this at the time, too. How is it that my teeth are causing my neck pain? And just like that after two weeks my neck pain was gone! I can’t thank you enough Dr. Tran."

Mrs. Dolores Anderson

“I can hear again on my right ear. The same ear that has been deaf all my life. I’m 83 years old. I never dreamed that one day someone can give me my hearing back. Thank you very much Dr. Tran. You have miraculously restored my hearing.”

Mr. Hoang Vu

“As a 25-yr experience RN, I have helped many patients with their illnesses. But for my own debilitating headaches I just couldn’t find any help. I’m in a hospital all the time, surrounded by physicians, yet no one can figure out what’s wrong with me. Dr. Tran has essentially given my life back by treating my headache. I am living a pain-free life. Wish I’ve known him sooner so I wouldn’t have had to suffer all those years.”

Laura Pohl-Johnson

“I had headaches all my life. The headaches got a lot worse when I had braces to straighten out my teeth. Not only didn’t the orthodontist straighten out my teeth correctly he also didn’t recognize my headaches. He said my headaches have nothing to do with my bite. Dr. Tran redid my braces and changed the way my teeth come together. Now my teeth are perfectly straight. And no headaches. Wow!!”

Yesenia Reyes

“My right side jaw joint has been hurting for years. I was having headaches as well but didn’t realize my mouth and the headaches were related. Dr. Tran said since I have so many missing teeth the bite has collapsed and shifted backward. And that’s the reason for my headaches as well. He basically reconstructed my whole mouth. All my problems seem to disappear after that.”

Joseph Quintana

“I always have straight teeth. Never needed braces. But the headaches have always been there since teenage years. So when Dr. Tran said he can treat my headache by doing braces on me, I was skeptical to say the least. But Dr. Tran has taken care of my whole family and I trusted him. Within a few months into braces my headaches were gone. He said my jaw joint needed to be more forward. That’s all.”

Rachel Alcoser

“I have crooked teeth all my life. But I never thought my crooked teeth were the reason for my constant headaches and jaw pain. Dr. Tran said he can make the headaches go away. And he proved it to me by changing my bite temporarily. In one day my headaches and jaw joint pain was gone. I was convinced! Now I have a beautiful Hollywood smile and more importantly, NO HEADACHES. Thank you very much, Dr. Tran.”

Michelle Glenn

“I’ve suffered with neck aches, jaw pain, stuffed ears for 20+ years. Thanks to Dr. Tran’s treatment I no longer have to endure those TMJ symptoms and I am now a lot happier. People complements my smile all the time. But I mostly thankful to Dr. Tran for fixing my neck pain.”

Andrea Carrello

“I got my braces done somewhere else and started to get headaches like crazy ever since. Dr. Tran said the other doctor actually created a TMJ problem for me by not straighten out my teeth the right way. He redid my braces. My teeth are very straight now and my headaches are also gone. Thank you very much. I really appreciate your work Dr. Tran.”

Abigail Angeles

“I had a lot of missing teeth and started to have a lot of joint pain and headache. Dr. Tran said my collapsed bite was the reason for all those symptoms. He then made me new partial dentures that allow my jaw to move slightly forward. And my jaw pain was gone, my headache was gone, too. I was amazed. Thanks for taking care of me Dr. Tran.”

Mafalda DeMattia