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Orthodontics represents a dentistry specialty which deals with correcting the teeth and jaws that are aligned unsuitably.

The advantages of orthodontic treatments are comprised of having a healthier mouth, a better-looking smile and more durable natural teeth which can be kept for a lifetime.

What is an orthodontist?

An orthodontist is a dentist with supplementary post-graduate training in orthodontics. He or she deals with more complicated orthodontic procedures.
The most popular orthodontic devices are the fixed braces, which are kept continuously in the patient’s mouth until the teeth are aligned correctly.
Adult patients who do not like the looks of braces have the option of wearing lingual braces, which are applied behind the teeth, being invisible.
Most patients will have to utilize retainers after their braces have been removed. The retainers are extremely important to prevent the teeth from coming back to their previous alignment.
These devices can be removable or permanent and invisible options are available for them, as well. Our dentist will make sure to offer you several options, as well as thorough instructions.

Orthodontic diagnosis

It is only a dentist or an orthodontist who can diagnose that your need for an orthodontic treatment. Diagnostic tools are comprised of a thorough dental and medical history, a clinical examination, plaster models of the teeth and special photographs and X-rays.
For a thorough examination to ascertain whether you need an orthodontic treatment, you are welcome to contact our experienced dentists.