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Are you ready to start a new life with a shinier, better-looking smile? Teeth whitening can improve the look of your teeth by changing their shade and giving you back your confidence.

Teeth whitening is a quite basic procedure. Whitening products which include one or two tooth bleaches, hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide, break stains into smaller fragments. This makes the teeth look brighter because it makes the stain color less concentrated.

In-office teeth whitening

In-office teeth whitening is the most common dental treatment in the world at the present. It consists of applying a relatively high concentration of a bleaching gel on the teeth in a dentist’s office.

The results are visible immediately and the procedure is entirely safe, pain-free and controlled.

The benefits of in-office teeth whitening include:

  • Rapid results
  • The safest tooth whitening form, since it is effectuated by a trained dentist
  • The tooth and gum sensitivity, which were associated with teeth whitening in the past, are less present.

Can all teeth be whitened?

It is crucial to speak to one of our dentists before deciding to have a teeth whitening procedure, since whiteners could not correct all discolorations.

For instance, yellow teeth generally bleach appropriately, however, the brown ones may not beach as well.

Teeth whitening does not change the color of caps, crowns, veneers or fillings. It also may not work if the patient’s discoloration is due to tooth injury or medications.

If you would like to undergo a teeth whitening procedure, please contact our experienced dentists in Escondido, CA.